Richmond District

Welcome to The Richmond District

Consisting of expansive public parks, and diverse cultural influences, The Richmond District remains a significant part of San Francisco's colorful and revered communities. The Richmond District is fairly large considering most San Francisco neighborhoods. You’ll find 50 blocks sandwiched between Golden Gate Park and the Presidio National Park, stretching west from University of San Francisco to the coastline of the city’s Northwest corner. The outer Richmond tends to have quirky, rustic, mom-and-pop shops in it, while the inner Richmond has a more polished cosmopolitan flair to it.

Long before the Richmond District was populated by young families, it was filled with spirits. The area was referred to as “Outside Lands” because it was beyond the boundaries of San Francisco when California became a state in 1850 instead, its land was used for cemeteries, a practice that lasted decades beyond its incorporation into greater San Francisco in 1866.

George Turner Marsh was one of the Richmond District’s first developers, he named his home after his birthplace of Richmond, Australia. The name Richmond District was formally adopted by the San Francisco board of supervisors in 1890.

The Neighbors

There is a higher concentration of eastern Europeans in Richmond than in other San Francisco neighborhoods, although there are also a lot of Asians, and pockets of Latinos, Irish, and just about every other key San Francisco demographic as well.

What to Expect

Richmond District is subdivided by Inner Richmond and Outer Richmond. Historically Asian-American, you’ll find chinese restaurants, shops and businesses often referred to as New Chinatown. Outer Richmond provides a more residential feel with quieter streets. Geary Boulevard and Balboa Street house diverse shops and businesses paying homage to the area's multicultural heritage.

The Lifestyle​​​​​​​

The core of Richmond District has working class roots with an overall down to earth vibe. The community is ethnically diverse with a great mix of cultures. Clement Street offers an array of shops and restaurants, and the close proximity to Golden Gate Park, Presidio Park, and the coastline the activities are endless.

Unexpected Appeal

The area is in a constant state of reinvention with resonated houses, streets and business. The streets are lined with Edwardian period cottages and facades from previous times making each house unique and distinct.

The Market

Housing costs reflect the neighborhood's restoration though some can still find bargains relative to the rest of the city.

You’ll Fall in Love With

Fall in love with the small community feel, authentic cultural influences, and budget friendly shopping. There truly is something for everyone whether you're in the outer or inner part of Richmond District.


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