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As a real estate investor himself, Ron looks at homes differently. It's about value. Taking your wants and needs into primary consideration, he's able to pair them with the best value opportunities San Francisco has to offer. Just see what his clients say about him!

Ron is a Bay Area native (Marin County) and current resident of the Duboce Triangle. He brings his analytical background from a career in online-trading. Quick success allowed him to enter the Bay Area real estate market as a principal investor in 2010. Upon flipping several properties (condos, single-family, and multi-family dwellings) and seeing margins of value where others did not, Ron chose to make real estate his full-time career in 2015.

With 40 plus neighborhoods, varying property types and zoning codes, and the constantly changing, complex real estate laws, understanding value in our city is no simple task. Ron's analytical approach to a residential property brings a refreshingly objective and honest perspective to your goals, a key attribute to his "value-first" philosophy.

In a time where consumers have access to more real estate data than ever (Zillow, Redfin,, etc), agents have to adapt and bring essential value to their clientele. Detailed market knowledge and a thorough understanding of the sales process is a great start; it allows for high-level negotiations, quality service, and assurance of value. But Ron goes further for his clients. He exposes his buyers to possibly the largest supply of off-market inventory, providing more options and opportunities to buy a property with limited competition.

His sellers are comforted by a comprehensive marketing plan that analyzes seasonality, current and predictive market trends, and access to industry-shifting tools like Compass Concierge and Compass Coming Soon.

While lifestyle goals and necessities may take center-stage in your real estate search, Ron will always be there to provide a clear vision of value. He notes, "We see people overpay for homes in San Francisco all the time. While overpaying can be warranted, I've seen too many instances where it absolutely wasn't. It's important to acutely understand the product and its relative value in the bigger marketplace.

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