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For Nicholas, real estate is all about the story. Homes hold the narrative of people's lives, the happy moments of laughter, the trying times that people endure, the milestones, and celebrations. His passion and appreciation for these moments come from his own experiences in his hometown, San Francisco.

In a constantly evolving global city, Nicholas is in the unique opportunity to know what it was like to be raised, go to school, live as a young adult, and now raise a family in San Francisco. His pride for this city, its people, culture, landmarks, and history stems from the generations of family before him.

Having always felt a strong impetus to help others and improve the community around him, he has worked in the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, two U.S. Senate Offices, and as a mental health therapist with a local non-profit out-patient clinic. His experience in government gives him insight into city planning, and his time as a therapist allows him to have a better understanding of his clients.

Nicholas looks forward to telling the story of your home, whether preparing it for sale and the next chapter in someone else's life or helping you as a buyer find that special place that will contain the next series of stories in your life.

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